We are currently not expecting any litters, but you may still reach out to us if you have questions. The best way to contact us is by phone: (206) 859-8740 or email:

Summit Goldens

Golden Retrievers are amazing dogs; sweet, calm and very loyal; easy to train and smart as a whip.  They love large families and small kids as well as most other animals you may have in your home.  Though they seem to have endless positive attributes, Golden Retrievers may not be for everyone.  They are a large breed, they require lots of food and clean water (literally…they eat a lot!), they require tons of exercise and boy-oh-boy do they shed!

We do not want to convince you on Golden Retrievers, we want YOU to do your own research and determine for yourself that a Golden Retriever is perfectly suited for your individual family.

If you are looking for resources to learn more about Golden Retrievers, a great place to start is here. You can always reach out to us with questions as well!


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