About the Breeders


Dustin and Sarah

Dustin and Sarah have grown up in the PNW and are native Washingtonians. They spend the majority of their time planning adventures outdoors. Bouldering, Rock climbing, and Hiking take up the majority of their time during the summers. When they are at home they are working in their wood shop or gardening in the backyard. You will always find Oats their very loved retriever by their side.

Sarah has always been in love with animal husbandry. She grew up riding and training horses. Later, she volunteered at PAWS in the canine side of the shelter and interned at a veterinarian clinic. After that she spent time caring for farms and homesteads continuing to gain experience with both large and small animal husbandry. She also spent time working in the Office of Animal Care with Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Through these experiences she gained knowledge and skills such as aseptic technique and mammal reproductive health, which lend themselves to this venture! Her favorite times with Oats are long naps after a day of running around the garden (or a mountain)!

Dustin is a self proclaimed dog dad. It’s rare that he doesn’t have Oats running around with him. His love for retrievers and puppies ultimately pulled him into breeding. Since then he has delved into learning how to become an ambassador for the breed and ensuring we produce quality puppies to loving homes. His biggest joys in life are laying in the sun with his dogs after a nice hike.

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